RAW Vs Smackdown Live: The Ratings Game - Who Won.????

New Era of WWE After the brand split started this week the night After WWE Battleground on Monday Night RAW where a New WWE Universal Championship was Announced and Finn Balor also debuted for RAW on his birthday.

The Night After RAW on Tuesday Night Smackdown Live also presented their very first episode where there were some good moments to enjoy that show. But Who Won The Ratings Game first week ???? check out the ratings results below:

Monday Night RAW:-

Post Battleground episode of RAW garnered an average of 3.338 million viewers.

Smackdown Live:-

Tuesday Night WWE Smackdown Live averaged a 2.713 million viewers.

RAW (3.338 Million) > Smackdown Live (2.713 Million)

This Week Monday Night RAW won the ratings game and it was well deserved because they presented a 'A' show.

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