Monday Super Killswitch: Top 5 Pay Per Views Of WWE In 2016

KILLSWITCH !! A Wrestling Maneuver previously known as THE UNPRETTIER back in the attitude era. It was mostly used as a finisher by Christian who is a 18+ year Veteran in Professional Wrestling. Some of you may not know that I am a huge Christian Fan Or I can say that "I'M A Fanaticial Peep" so, I decided to start a weekly special segment on this blog which will be called MONDAY SUPER KILLSWITCH featuring the latest buzz in my social life.

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Monday Super Killswitch

Hey Guys its me Prateek Again first off all a Huge thank you to all of you for making Edition 1 of Monday Super Killswitch; Best of YODM Podcast a Super Success and I hope you will like this Article as I am gonna List My Favourite 5 of WWE Monthly Pay Per Views In 2016 till July 31 2016.

Top 5 WWE Pay Per Views In 2016

Everyone Knows WWE Never Stops in terms of giving the content to their Viewers and Specially After the existence of WWE NETWORK They have filled the Internet with the Sports Entertainment Content. Network Specials Like Season 1of Edge and Christian Show, WWE Ride Along, WWE Swerved and Much More So, that you never gets bored a Single Minute If i talk about My Life Me and WWE Network are Best friends for Just $9.99 I can enjoy it anytime anywhere. But oh !!! I am Not here to Promote WWE Network In someways i recommend it but Seriously I am not Promoting it. My Top 5 Monthly Specials in 2016 are as follows:-\

WWE Presented a Total of Seven Mainstream Monthly Specials This Year.

5. WWE Payback 2016


PAYBACK which was held on May 1st 2016 in All State Arena Rosemont, Illinois After Wrestlemania  with 'Boo' Man Reigns(Roman Reigns) and  The Phenomenal AJ Styles in the Main Event for WWE Championship which obviously AJ Styles Lost but the match between these two was Awesome and It was the First Pay Per View Under the Courtesy of WWE For AJ Styles as a Main Eventer. Its still in my memory because AJ Hitted his Phenomenal Forearm to Roman Reigns Planting him at Announce Table. The Whole Pay Per View was Great.

4. WWE Royal Rumble 2016


Royal Rumble 2016 was one of the greatest pay per views in 2016 You know why Because The Phenomenal One AJ Styles made his Debut in the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match and King of Kings Triple H won the Royal Rumble by throwing Dean Ambrose out of the Ring and Telling Roman Reigns to "S**K IT !!!" and Everyone loved The Game In There. This Pay Per View is always termed as ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA and 2016 Royal Rumble Killed It.

3. WWE Fastlane 2016


I know Some of you may not Agree on this one with me but WWE Fastlane 2016 was one of my personal favourite because Edge and Christian Returned to promote their Network Special on this pay per view and Main Event of this Pay Per View was good in prospect of wrestling while on the other side  i was not Pleased with the result of the Triple Threat Main Event on this show I seriously wanted Brock or Dean to win it but it didn't happened.

2. WWE Battleground


The Most Freshest Pay Per View which took place last week after the WWE Draft All the Matches that were booked on this pay per view wer of high quality and dream Booking was a part of this Monthly Special. Triple Threat Main Event on this ppv really Killed this PPV and After Dean Ambrose Retained the WWE Championship Whole Smackdown Roster cameout and Celebrated this Victory.

1. Wrestlemania 32


The Obvious Choice Wrestlemania 32 The Annual Extravaganza of Sports Entertainment Took Place in Dallas Texas and It Was The Biggest Wrestlemania of All Time with Record Breaking Audience Numbers and Stars Apperances Like The Rock, Stonecold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Boom Shaka Laka Big SHAQ was there too. This is the Biggest and the Most Awesomest Professional Wrestling Event of ALL TIME. This Event is the Most Deserving For The Number One Spot Not Only in 2016 But of All Time Bae Bae .... !!! However The Main Event Winner Got Boo'ed Out Of The Earth.

thats all folks !!!

WWE Really did their best till to date to give the great Content to their Viewers. Above Listed PPV's Were My Favourite 5 In 2016 Do Not Forget to Share Yours in The Comments Section Below. THANK YOU FOR READING and Supporting.

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