RAW Vs Smackdown Live: This Week Viewership Clash Who Won ???

With Summerslam Just 3 Days Away WWE Tried their best to push this 5 Hour of Extravaganza This Sunday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY Another Week is Down and its time to see Which Show Made their Mark this Week in Viewership. We Have The Data See Below:-

According To ShowbuzzDaily.com Overall Average Viewership of Both The Flagship Shows Are:

Monday Night RAW: 2.92 Million Viewers

Smackdown Live: 2.47 Million Viewers

RAW (2.92 Million Viewers) > Smackdown Live (2.47 Million Viewers)

Monday Night Raw won again in Numbers but everyone knows The Real Winner is Smackdown Live. Its Not Looking good for RAW Mick Foley needs some work to do on RAW if they call themselves the absolute Juggernaut Show of WWE.

Raw Vs Smackdown Live

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