WWE Wrestlemania 33 Reactions: The Hardy Boyz Return #Wrestlemania #Wrestlemania33

The Hardy Boyz 
The Hardy Boyz return at Wrestlemania 33! The Hardyz won the WWE RAW Tag Team titles. Here is how it went down:

The New Day announced that the Triple Threat Ladder Match is now a Fatal Four Way tag-team ladder match. But who’s the fourth team?


The Hardy Boyz music hits to the loudest pop of the night so far. Matt and Jeff Hardy come out to a thunderous pop.

The Fatal-Four-Way match lasted 11 minutes and 5 seconds, which resulted with Jeff Hardy doing the Swanton Bomb on Cesaro and Sheamus while they were laying on the ladder. This prompted Matt Hardy to climb up another ladder and grab the titles.

The Hardy Boyz are the new WWE RAW Tag Team champions.

On Twitter Matt Hardy Tweeted Following After Winning Raw Tag Team Championships:

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