Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure speaks out after homeless man who they raised money for accuses them of stealing

Remember When Last Year a Story went Viral When a Lady Kate McClure ran out of gas, Johnny Bobbit, a homeless veteran, helped her by giving her his last $20. McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico decided to repay him by starting a GoFundMe account, which quickly raised over $400,000.

Now, Johnny is saying that the couple has misused the funds and that they have not handed over his money. Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure talked about it at TODAY show where Mark says after Bobbit ran through $25,000 in 13 days, he didn’t feel safe handing over the rest of the money. The Whole Interview check it out below:

While Megyn Kelly the host seems like defending the couple on getting death threats i think it is totally wrong because over 14,000 people donated their hard earned money to the homeless man not the couple and when the question about the accounts of the money aroused in the last 72 hours they seem to be lying about the whole situation turning it all down to Johnny Bobbit and the hate they've been receiving through social media.

This all looks like a Legit Fraud because the Money isn't there. The Couple is Dodging the questions about the Accounts of Money which was donated to Johnny Bobbit in the first place and they both spent most of money on themselves paying for a New Car and Expensive Vacations. and those tears !!!

*UPDATES on this story- 

1. Attorney of Homeless Veteran Johnny Bobbit says every penny of GoFundMe money is gone:

2. Cops Raid the home of the couple who raised money for a Homeless Veteran:


  1. SHAME ON YOU!!! WOW! Every DIME should have gone to Bobbitt regardless of his plans or spending of it. That would have been on him to destroy. You don't raise money for someone using their name and life...and then distribute it as you see fit. You turn that over to God. You benefited too much for this act of "opportunity". GREED!! ...You aren't that mans parents! All that money and YOU Abuy HIM a camper??? For your property??? WHY couldn't he buy his own home??? WRONG. YOU wanted to control him and his money and take advantage of his gratitude. You weren't legally appointed his trust managers. PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON I DON'T DONATE 3RD PARTY ON GOFUNDME! GIVE HIM HIS MONEY TO LOSE OR USE. YOU'VE COMPLETELY CANCELLED IT YOUR GOOD DEED.

  2. Well it seems the $$$$ has disappeared... I see lavish vacations this couple splurged on... theft by deception

    1. Makes it pretty clear why their lawyer argued that the time the judge gave them to turn over the money was too short. And why after the Megyn Kelly interview denying wrongdoing D'Amico texted Bobbitt to try to convince him to drop his lawyers and settle it personally. In the text D'Amico told Bobbitt if he did he would make sure he got his money.

      The judge ordered them to appear and their attorney tried to invoke their fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination. To me, that is much like a confession on their part. If there's nothing to hide, no need to plead the 5th. She told them they needed to show up and could plead it on their own. As their lawyer was concerned about the presence of two law enforcement individuals in the courtroom, sounds to me they know they committed a fraud and are anticipating arrest.


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