Tfue made a statement on the Lawsuit against FaZe Clan, FaZe Banks Replies #ReleaseTheContract

Faze Banks and Tfue
Couple of days ago Tenney Turner better known as 'Tfue' filed a lawsuit on his e-sports management company 'Faze Clan'. Just an hour ago, Tfue has made a statement via his YouTube channel in a video on why did he filed a Lawsuit. checkout the video below:

In the Video he clearly states that his e-sports company FaZe Clan should Release The Contract out in the public or to give him the permission to release the Contract so, that everybody can see why did he filed a Lawsuit.

It seems like there are some clauses in the Contract where Faze Clan is seeking 80% revenue of the brand deal money he receives  via them or other Third Party Brands. In this short response the message is clear that he wants Company to actually release the contract for the public to see.'

Right After this Major Owner of Faze Clan Ricky Banks better known on the Internet as Faze Banks has tweeted: "we are releasing the contract" and also stating about the Tfue's new updated contract which he didn't agreed to

Looks like this Vital Clash will go for a longtime on Both Internet and in the Court.

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