Is The Original MAGCON Reunion possible in 2019 ?

It's 2019, and oh good lord! we have forgotten so many things already, the things we used to die for back in the day. Before Any Logan Paul, Jake Paul and few other popular internet stars nowadays, There was one Group of teen boys that became famous on Vine. and before the virtual death of Vine Platform their standalone success led to nationwide tours as indicated by the name MAGCON which stands for Meet And Greet Convention.The whole group was founded and managed by Bart Bordelon. The early days of MAGCON are also documented in a Netflix series Chasing Cameron. If you don't know what i am talking about you probably never existed on internet then.


The Original MAGCON consisted of Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff, Grier Brothers, Jack Johnson, Matthew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds and most importantly the biggest to make it in the world of them all Shawn Mendes. Yes, Shawn Mendes I guess we all slept on them pretty quickly and now they're mad. Shawn Mendes one of the most widely beloved and popular musical artists of the day. Despite being the global singing sensation that he is today, Shawn started from humble beginnings. This is something that many people seem to have forgotten about, he actually started out as a Vine star with millions of followers. Shawn would probably not be a part of this Reunion if it is supposed to happen because he doesn't need it.

Seriously, though like Everyone in the group has gone to their different paths. Some capitalized on YouTube, some are gaming heads and some have distanced themselves from all this social media attention. Well whatever had happen its in the past, and People would really like to see them once again performing live and doing what they do best - make people smile and probably counting some good money too.

"No one can make us fall in love like Cameron
 No one can make us feel important like Matt. 
 No one can make us go crazy like Taylor. 
 No one can make us laugh like Nash. 
 No one can make us smile like Aaron
 No one can make us want to sing like Shawn. 
 No one can make us blush like Carter. 
 No one can make us happy like Jack&Jack. 
 No one can make us feel better like Hayes. 
 No one can make us grateful like Bart. 
 No other family loves like MAGCON."

I don't know if MAGCON will reunite again or not but I could definitely use a break from all this VlogSquad/Paul Brothers nonsense for once.

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