All the Celebrity Covidiots That are Making Us Cringe Under Lockdown

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most Countries have issued stay at home or shelter in place orders, which means everyone should stay inside their place of residence and only go outside for essential errands or necessities. but are our privileged celebrities following it thoroughly or they're just being COVIDIOTS let's see

* Ellen Degeneres, Hollywood’s resident talk show hypocrite, said being in lockdown was just like a prison — mainly because she hadn’t changed her clothes in 10 days and everyone in her multi-million dollar mansion was gay.

* The Newly Created Clubhouse BH are in the News that Founded by Daisy Keech and her BFF Abby Rao, the house seems to have a ton of fans already and they're getting a lot of great feedback, except when it comes to one thing: social distancing.  California, which is where the Clubhouse is based, has issued one of these orders, and the Centers for Disease Control has asked people to not gather in large groups. Of course, in response to this, many fans of content houses like the Clubhouse and the Hype House have been wondering why these groups of friends are still hanging out together. According to replies given by the House Representatives a reply came "We are taking as many precautions as possible" well being the influencers this is not a great of a reply when the most essential activity in this world now is Social Distancing.

Clubhouse BH

* A 5G + Covid19 conspiracy theory has taken over some celebrities’ waking moments — Woody Harrelson, M.I.A., even Twitter progressive John Cusack are tweeting new 5G networks originated in Wuhan, China are weakening people’s immunity, rendering them vulnerable to contracting the novel coronavirus. Incidentally, many of the 5G conspiracy theorists are also dancing around the anti-vaxx movement. Go figure.

* Lee Ryan, of the boy band Blue, took conspiracy to another level when he claimed the devil controls the government, and that people are soon going to be injected with microchips. He’s 36 years old, you get it.

* Talking of immaturity, K-pop star Kim Jaejoong tweeted to millions of his followers that he was hospitalized with Covid19. As well-wishes started to pour in, he revealed he was just pulling an April Fools’ prank. And when his fans were enraged at his insensitivity, he dialed it back to say the whole practice was an exercise in creating awareness about the pandemic. We think not.

If you know anymore celebs who acted like covidiots then please comment below.

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