Who's in The Clubhouse Beverly Hills ?? A List of Everybody in Daisy Keech's Squad

The Clubhouse is a house created by TikTok and Instagram Models Daisy Keech and Abby Rao. The house will serve as a home to creators, as well as a place for them to collaborate on different projects together, Specifically TikTok, Instagram and YouTube so here are the the new members of Clubhouse Beverly Hills:

* Daisy Keech

Daisy Keech the sole runner a TikTok star, fitness influencer, Instagram model, and YouTuber who boasts more than 3 million followers on Instagram. She is also a co-founder of both the Hype House and the Clubhouse.

* Abby Rao

Abby Rao is Clubhouse BH's co-founder. The 22-year-old model and influencer has 1.6 million Instagram followers and 1 million on TikTok. She was previous linked to YouTuber RiceGum but they've broken up as of late 2019. Abby has since been focused on growing her online presence. Daisy and Abby consider each other their best friend.

* Chase Keith

Chase Keith is a TikTok star and YouTuber. He also has his own clothing line favored by TikTok stars like Charli D'Amelio.

* Mariana Morais

Mariana Morais, better known as Maare Beaar, is a fitness influencer, similar to many of those at Clubhouse. The 23-year-old IG model has a following of 623K on the platform and 355K subs on YouTube. 

* Kinsey Wolanski

Kinsey is very well known for her pranks first, a model second. Though the 23-year-old has 3.7 million Instagram followers, 83.4K YouTube subscribers, and 63.4K TikTok followers, she's probably best known as the woman who streaked during the 2019 Champions League final.

* Pedro Pertile

Pedro Pertile is a part of Clubhouse too. He is not quite as well known as his girlfriend, Mariana though he does post quite a bit with her, on TikTok and on Instagram. Outside of his social media work, he's a self-employed general contractor and bodybuilding competitor.

* Leslie Hannah Belle

Just Like Everyone else in the house Leslie Hannah Belle is also a TikTok star as well as an Instagram model.

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